Travelling within Taipei can seem like a bit of a stressful event when you aren’t sure how to get to a certain destination. Finding your direction gets easier after you have been here for  while. Be that as it may, bus and mrt tracking apps do come in handy and even better when they are in English. Being linguistically challeneged, the apps make public transport easier and helps to plan my timing right as well as getting to destinations without breaking into a sweat. I found several public transportaion apps in English that make life in Taipei simpler. 

We all can agree that one of the best things about this beautiful concrete jungle is their public transportation system. And the availability of apps makes day to day life so much more simpler. These following apps are easy to use and are android and iOS friendly.
The first bus tracker I used though (BusTracker Taipei) is in English on android and only Mandarin on iOS (I am sure im getting something wrong with the settings). I only found this out after I changed mobile phone brands.
I am currently using a bus tracking app called Taiwan Bus (pic below).Bus And MRT Tracking Apps in Taipei
Anyhow, the bus tracking apps allow you to see how far the bus is from your station, which bus/buses you need to take when going to a certain destination, what route a certain bus number goes etc. Basically, you will know how much time you will need to be waiting at a station and very helpful which bus youbneed to take to get to your desired place of travel.

There are also MRT tracking apps, that shows you all the lines and stations.
However, I found a better helpful MRT tracking app (TransitTW) that allows you to type in the mrt station you need to get off at (if you know it) and it outlines that route you are supposed to take using mrt (The lines you need to use will start blinking on the map).
If you are unsure of the mrt station you need to get off, you can alternatively input a specific address and the app shows the mrt station closest to your intended destination from your location. (Pic below).

Bus And MRT Tracking Apps in Taipei

Bus And MRT Tracking Apps in Taipei

Another easy to use mrt tracking app is metroman Taipei, it has the same functions as TransitTW except you can get the entire route of your mrt journey mapped out in another tab after your put in the address of departure to arrival. (pic below).Bus And MRT Tracking Apps in Taipei

I must mention that there are many public transportation tracking apps available in Taiwan, the ones I have mentioned just happen to be among the many that I have tried and found to be the most convenient and reliable.