Events in Taipei for MARCH-APRIL 2017 is just basically a roundup of intetesting stuff that I liked and figured since y’all are cool with me, you may like it too. Granted this list is predominately outside of club hoping and bar hoping every weekend but it’s legit lit and you just may find yourself at one of these gigs.
I consider and call myself a modern day nomad and one of the things I want to do is to experience a place in it’s full glory, and that is a mountain to climb but I do not want to leave Taiwan and only recall the inside of a club,bottom of a glass or sheets and ceilings *wink*…IJS. (No judgement).
So to all my bad and boujee folks who do want to get into other activities in this concrete jungle we share, this one is for y’all.

Taipei Public Transportation just so happens to be one of the reliable transportation systems and does make life easier and cheaper for any adventurer. I hope this post will add a bit more to Things to do while in Taipei , it certainly has gotten me through the days I wanted to just chill on my own or get a friend and find other interesting things to do.
If you do not feel confident enough to tackle this city on your own, relax hunty there are plenty APPs to get you to wherever your heart is set to go.

Women In Motion
Being a lover of all things WOMAN, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to share “Women In Motion” event with all the girl troops who visit my blog. My only regret is that I waited too long to share this with y’all. So if dem coins are balancing, girl, get yourself here. This Rose Naija is a life changing magician you ought to meet.

SAVE THE DATE: March 6, 2017


Women’s March Taiwan 2017- 「不只是女權的女權遊行」
To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, and to show support for the international Women’s Strike called by the organizers of the January Women’s March, titled “A Day Without a Woman,” the Women’s March Taiwan, Women’s March Taiwan and Indivisible (Taiwan), will take to the streets for equality, justice and human rights. They are inviting diverse communities, including women’s organizations, environmental groups, civil liberties organizations and all who support gender equality, to join the march. MORE INFO ON THEIR FB EVENT PAGE.

尤美女立委余宛如立委 & Jason Hsu許毓仁立委 會致詞!
Legislators Yu Mei-nu & Karen Yu will be speaking.
女人迷 womany & 現代美緣 Aimatchmaker 贊助遊行的T恤!Influential women’s magazine Womany and global matchmaking service AiMM are sponsoring our March T-shirts – more on our 3/8 38 T-shirts giveaway soon.
– 藝人 XUAN 劉軒 和其他男女平等的支持者會參與三月份 (March) 後續活動,之後再和大家分享細節!Renowned author & DJ XUAN and other supporters of gender equality & women’s rights will be participating in a “March”-long campaign for the month of March.
4:30pm : Assemble at CKS Memorial Hall’s Freedom Square.
Taipei City, Taiwan.
5:00pm :March begins. Parade from CKS Memorial Hall to the area outside Louisa Coffee at Daan Forest Park MRT Exit 2.
6:00pm (Estimated): End march at Louisa Coffee at Daan Park and celebrate with advocates, artists, entertainers, and civic leaders.

SAVE THE DATE: March 8,2017 (4.30pm- 7.30pm)


HOLI Taipei
It’s about that time of the year again! HOLI! A.K.A Indian Spring Festival in Taipei.
In HOLI festival, you spend a full day outdoors, celebrating the beauty of watercolours, there are musical performances,Indian food, drinks etc. you get the gist.
This one is fun, most people tend to attend and love it. Just don’t wear anything you will be sad to never use again.

SAVE THE DATE: March 12, 2017
VENUE: Luguanghe’an Park 綠光河岸公園 ( 11a.m.- 3:30 p.m.)
Entry Ticket: NTD 400/person (kids under 5 for free) ticket includes: Holi play with water colors, Indian lunch, Non stop bollywood DJ music, dance & performances, water bottles, snacks, lucky draws blah blah.


Fashion Camping by Marie Claire Taiwan
I’m not sure how this will work out or how it works at all but it sounds fascinating and something that I wiuld jump into. I know black people and camping do not go together but YOLO! Who’s with me? Theme basically is camping x amusement park x food feast x star movie
and a few of your girlfriends. Unfortunately all the event info is in Mandarin but head over to HERE for the full gist. You can sign up HERE (google docs).

SAVE THE DATE: March 11-12,2017 (Mar 11 at 2 PM to Mar 12 at 5 PM)

Do Yoga and Eat Ayurveda
Just as the title suggests, it is what it says it is. Event details are on their FACEBOOK event page. The gist; 1) Meet at Shilin MRT station, exit 1, at 8:20 am
2) Take a 30-minute bus ride to the trail head
3) Enjoy a challenging 15 minute cardio hike to the mountain resort
4) Rest a bit while enjoying a cup of masala chai(Indian spiced milk tea)
5) Join a 75-minute yoga session of “gentle flow” at 10am
6) Enjoy a healthy Ayurvedic meal

What to bring: A towel, if you wish to have a shower.
SAVE THE DATE: March 12,2017



Rosa’s Wound Art Exhibition at Museum Of Contemporary Art (台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei)
Art and poetry lovers, this is a MUST SEE. Basically, this exhibition is an adoption of a piece of poetry titled “Rosa’s Wound” by Paul Celan, in “Coagula” and 8 artists have come together to “visualize” this work,amongst other things.
SAVE THE DATE: Exhibition is currently ongoing until April 9, 2017
Museum admission is NT50 (ADDRESS: No. 39, Chang’an W Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103)

Joss Stone Taipei in Taipei
This girl needs no introduction…like do I seriously have to? She will be performing at Att Show Box ( 立方文創). Ok, maybe a little late to slot her into a budget, however, if you can gather dem coins, she is worth every last NT you will pay. She has championed R ‘n’ B, Soul, reggae and blue-eyed soul,  has earned numerous accolades, including two Brit Awards and one Grammy Award out of five nominations. She also made her film acting debut in 2006 with the fantasy adventure film Eragon. 

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, March 16, 2017 (ADDRESS: No. 12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City)
EVENTS In Taipei MARCH- APRIL 2017 Joss Stone in Taipei

Fifth Harmony in Taipei
I’m not into girl groups yet even I can admit 5th has done well for themselves. And even though I’m not a fan, I do jam to some Fifth Harmony when I hear it playing somewhere. I’m wondering how they will all be here seeing as they only have 4 girls in the group now but hey..the show must go on. And they will be belting out some songs and shaking their tiny bootys over at National Taiwan University Sports Center come April fool’s day.

SAVE THE DATE: April 1st, 2017
VENUE: NTU Sports Center
EVENTS In Taipei MARCH- APRIL 2017 fifth harmony in taipei

2017 Taipei City Azalea Festival
Taipei is littered with flower festivals around this time of the year. This one sorta stuck out as I’ve seen some major advertising for it on Busses and MRT stations so I figured it has to be “new” or super spectecular. I love being in nature and although I’m not a big fan of crowds, the flower season is worth the experience whilst you are in Taipei.
At this Azalea festival you get to appreciate a little more than flowers, there is music, art and literature, local tours, campus activities and a large picnic concert etc. Even though Spring is making a struggle-filled arrival,(Dear Mother Nature, please ask Mr Weather to make up his mind. I thought it was us women who do the flip flopping, at this point I am not concerned about what weather he decides to show up in, but he must atleast decide and remain consistent. Please and Thank you), I guess this is worth a try.

SAVE THE DATE: March 1-31st, 2017EVENTS In Taipei MARCH- APRIL 2017 taipei azalea festival
VENUE: Southern Taipei (See The full schedule below)EVENTS In Taipei MARCH- APRIL 2017

2017 Treasure Hill Light Festival
Not sure if y’all are interested in collaborating on outdoor installations and artworks related to light or inspired by light, using “You are the Sunshine of my Life” as the main theme? Either way, it’s late to do so now, unless you can spare a few sleepless nights.
The gist of it is 10 groups of artist lovers explore artists’ sentimental feeling and romantic relationships in their art practices, together accomplishing the great achievement of the festival. Dedinitely for the artsy hipster and explorer. There will also be music, performances, screenings, markets and foods on the opening event and during the festival. The location is a must see, this place is pure magic. The artist village on Treasure Hill is a historic housing complex that combines both art and time.

SAVE THE DATE: March 25,2017- May 14,2017
VENUE: Taipei Artist Village- Treasure Hill (ADDRESS: No. 2, Alley 14, Lane 230, Section 3, Tingzhou Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100)


Taipei Double-Decker Bus–All-in-One Taipei Touring
I’m sure you guys have seen the open top red double decker busses rolling around town. This joy ride is open to everybody…if you pay of course. It’s an interesting way to get around and sight see in Taipei, so this is definitely one of those things to do when have just gotten paid. The bus has two routes; the Red Route takes in Taipei 101, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, etc. The Blue Route takes in the Shilin Official Residence, National Palace Museum, etc. There is onboard Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean audio-guide information.

Ticketing is as follows: EVENTS In Taipei MARCH- APRIL 2017 taipei double decker bus prices