A blog that shares funny,light,personal,tough or thought provoking material and daily experiences about being black in Taiwan. Covering different types of scenerios from dating while black in Taiwan,sex,food,beauty,hair racism,predujice and other topics.

Hopefully we can all get involved in discussions and make this somewhat of a learning thing for us.
I will also share stories I hear from other friends around me.

Let’s clear one thing up; the term black in this blog covers everybody brown skinned not just what you may consider a black person in your head.

This blog, although based on the views of brown skinned person, welcomes the opinions and stories from all races and ethnicities. Please do not be afraid to share an opposing view,share your experience or ask for help.
Cross-cultural communication and bridging is dear to me (YAY, I’m not jaded…yet).

Taiwan is an island, called FORMOSA by Portuguese sailors who sighted the main island of Taiwan and named it Ilha Formosa, which means “beautiful island”. Its population, as of 2016, is estimated at 23,519,518, according to NSTW.