Black Girl In Taipei

Bus And MRT Tracking Apps in Taipei

Travelling within Taipei can seem like a bit of a stressful event when you aren't sure how to get to a certain destination. Finding your direction gets easier after you have been here for  while. Be that as it may,... Continue Reading →


Things To Do while in Taipei

On the surface, it does look like drinking yourself into a stupor is Taipei's biggest past time activities but it's not. Things to do in Taipei vary but are largely limited according to your personal interests. After the initial culture... Continue Reading →

Dating While Black In Taipei 101

To be fair, it's not all the "brothers" who won't even look my way. Dating is not as simple as apples and oranges anywhere. Yet from the beginning of my stay in Taipei, girlfriends had whispered that the Asian men... Continue Reading →

Surviving Taipei MRT While Black

Hands up anyone who's about the MRT life? Surviving Taipei MRT While Black is an emotional rollercoaster,you just never know what you will get until you step into a carriage. Yeah, that "stare at me until I get off" type... Continue Reading →

Black Hair Services in Taipei

You know how back in your home country getting your hair done is simply about you picking which hair shop you want to go to. It's a little different in Taipei. Taking care of "Black" hair can be a bit of a problem if you are not sure who to call.

Yikes! Nothing Fits Me

Nothing fits me and when it does, the body proportions are off.  It is not just the outer garments but lingerie as well. Simple, basic, everyday wear underwear. It has taken me a while to accept that most of the... Continue Reading →

Who Sounds Black?

Being aware that you are a black is inborn. People are generally aware of their blackness. How you are made to be aware of the color of your skin is what makes the lasting impression and sets into motion the many reactions and encounters with yourself and others there after. Even though I know I am black and have always known, I was not aware of it. Not aware of it in the sense that I am now. Including how I sound when I speak.


Wow. First blog post finally out. I have been in Taipei, Taiwan for 2.5 years now and I have finally decided to start a blog where I can not only share funny,personal,tough or thought provoking material about being black in Taiwan.

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