Black Girl In Taipei

Where are the free condoms?

I am a proud member of the "get your freak on club." I am also a card-carrying member of team wrap-it-up. As a woman I have been met with odd looks when I refuse to participate in any penetration oriented... Continue Reading →


Long Distance Lover

Being black in Taipei is truly a rollercoaster ride, no matter how you look at it- you must admit there is never a dull moment. Be it day to day life or falling in and out of love with the... Continue Reading →

As You Travel To Taipei

Travelling to Taiwan, Taipei to be exact is not like any destination you have been to before. Congratulations for being fearless and adventurous enough to try it out. Let me guess, you have no idea what to pack, bring or... Continue Reading →

Eating Out On A budget in Taipei

Eating on a budget in Taipei seems pretty easy considering how spoilt for choice we are when it comes to eateries. In between dealing, learning, loving and surviving a girl must eat. And eating out that does not include sandwiches... Continue Reading →

Please Do Not Touch My Hair

Unless you are invited to touch it. I am slightly over the fanfare about my hair. To some extent I understand it, considering that whoever asks to touch your hair just may be sincerely curious at your beautifully laid crown... Continue Reading →

It Takes Four To Mend You

Taking responsibility for my emotions is not easy. Taking responsibility means I have had to face the truth about the wrongs that I had committed against others or people I has supposedly told I loved. To accept the uglier side... Continue Reading →

How I found Out…

Even though social media has opened us up to a host of amazing information sharing and networking, it has also dealt a blow to the authencity of personal relationships.I'm sure readers will relate. It's hard enough, in the real world,... Continue Reading →


Events in Taipei for MARCH-APRIL 2017 is just basically a roundup of intetesting stuff that I liked and figured since y'all are cool with me, you may like it too. Granted this list is predominately outside of club hoping and... Continue Reading →


No strings attached. When a person likes the idea of having you in their bed but will not hold your hand in public or honor you with a love connection. I get it, a clear relationship title is scary to... Continue Reading →

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